Assault Specialist

Member of Soldier Squad. Takes the hill head-on.


Strength: d10
Agility: d8
Vitality: d10
Intelligence: d4
Alertness: d6
Willpower: d4


- Tough: d4; You’re harder to take down
- Brawler: d4; Your fists are more lethal
- Natural Athlete: d6; Your body takes better to exercise
- Combat Ready: d10; Always ready…

- Toes the Line: d4; You follow the leader, by the book
- Amorous: d6; You’re a horn-dog
- Gullible: d2; You find it hard not to take people at their word
- Duty: d12; When it comes down to it, you’ll lay your life down for your team


Athletics – d6
- Running – d10
- Dodge – d10
- Weight Lifting – d8
Guns – d6
- Assault Rifle – d12
- Machine Gun – d8
- Shogun – d10
- Pistol – d10
- Repair – d8
Discipline – d4
Melee Weapons – d6
- Knives – d10
Unarmed Combat – d6
- Brawling – d8


Assault Specialist

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