Super soldier of the Phoenix Program. Haunted by war.


Strength: d12
Agility: d8
Vitality: d8
Intelligence: d6
Alertness: d6
Willpower: d4


Super Soldier Bundle: d4
- Combat Ready: d10 (Phoenix soldiers are always prepared for a fight)
- Brawler: d6 (Enhanced muscles allow for increased damage in hand-to-hand combat)
- Fast Healer: d6 (Nanites combined with carbon tubing woven under the skin allows for Phoenix soldiers to get back into the fight faster)
- Fast on Your Feet: d6 (Enhanced cardiovascular system, combined with reinforced leg muscles, make Phoenix soldiers fast as well as strong)
- Hardy Constitution: d6 (The enhancement process makes the soldier able to withstand combat scenarios deemed lethal to normal humans)
- Lightning Reflexes: d4 (Synaptic “smoothing” during enhancement vastly decreases reaction times)
- Reputation: d6 (Everyone knows about the Phoenix Program, and the human weapons it creates)
- Amnesia: d4 (The enhancement process eliminated the memories of life before)
- Duty: d12 (“Always fight in the place of others, be the sword and the shield”)
- Illness: d6 (Enhancing takes a toll on the mind and body, leading to great pain when not in combat)
- Infamy: d6 (Some see them as monsters. Others, as tools)
- Memorable: d8 (A Phoenix soldier can always be recognized by their armor or, failing that, their cybernetic gold eyes)
- Toes the Line: d4 (Phoenix soldiers are ingrained to be loyal to their superiors)

- Born Behind the Wheel: d4; Hark showed great promise during vehicle training
- Lucky: d4; Hark seems very…survivable, even by Phoenix standards

- Traumatic Flashes: d4; Hark seems to experience the occasional bout of PTSD, although we are not sure if it is a result of the enhancement process
- Shy: d6; Hark doesn’t seem to like being in the spotlight, even when given commendation for heroism
- Idealist: d2; Hark honestly thinks we can win this war with little-to-no civilian casualties. Seems that on one told Hark the people are capable of horrifying things


Athletics – d6
- Running – d12
- Dodge – d10
- Jumping – d10
Covert – d6
- Sabotage – d8
- Stealth – d8
Drive – d4
Guns – d6
- Assault Rifles – d12
- Pistol – d8
- Shotgun – d8
Discipline – d6
- Intimidation – d8
- Interrogation – d8
Heavy Weapons – d4
Pilot – d2



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