King Jorvus

A young man thrust into kinghood by his parents' deaths.


Strength: d6
Agility: d6
Vitality: d4
Intelligence: d10
Alertness: d6
Willpower: d10


- Blue Blood: d6; You are born of a noble lineage
- Contacts: d12; The might of Helios is at your disposal
- Good Natured: d4; You are regarded as kind and just
- Rank and Privilege: d8; As the new king, your people look to you

- Duty: d8; You must uphold the integrity of the kingdom
- Fragile: d4; Royalty have always been born more frail of body
- Honest to a Fault: d6; You firmly believe an honest king is a worthy king
- Idealist: d6; You believe you can change the world, and everyone in it, for the better
- Memorable: d6; It is hard to forget the visage of the young king


Influence – d6
- Politics – d10
- Leadership – d10
- Administration – d8
Knowledge – d6
- History – d10
- Culture – d8
- Politics – d12
Melee Weapons – d6
- Swords – d12
Archery – d4
Perception – d6
- Tactics – d10
- Intuition – d8


Weapon: Taevas, Hand of the King (Arming Sword, d6W/d8W 2-handed)
Armor: King’s Battle Raiment (Half-Plate Armor, 6W, -2 Athletics, -1 Perception)
Clothes: King’s Vestments, King’s cloak, Crown of Helios
Other Gear: Anything obtainable by Helios


Young Prince Jorvus was the only child of King Soran and Queen Haera of the small-yet-powerful kingdom of Helios. However, when his parents were suddenly killed in an assassination, Jorvus was thrust into adulthood as the newest king. Now Jorvus has to maintain control of a kingdom in upheaval in the wake of his parents’ deaths, while at the same time defend Helios from its enemies within and without.

King Jorvus

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