Ama Terasu


Strength: d8
Agility: d10
Vitality: d6
Intelligence: d6
Alertness: d4
Willpower: d8


Magical Girl Bundle: d4
(Magic Use – d8
Signature Item: d10; Kusanagi
Enhanced Communication: d2
One of:
Enhanced Manipulation: d8; Can make arms out of fire/hardened light
Idealist: d4
Duty: d12
Memorable: d8)

Contacts: d10; The warrior monks of the Order of Heavenly Light are sworn to protect her
Natural Leader: d4
Steady Calm: d2
Reputation: d6
Sure Footed: d4; When one has no arms, one has to rely much more on feet

Animal Emnity: d4
Impaired Manipulation: d12; Has no arms
Pyro: d10
Honest to a Fault: d4


Magic – d6
- Fire Magic – d12
- Light Magic – d10
Discipline – d6
- Concentration – d10
Knowledge – d6
- History – d8
- Religion – d10
- Culture – d8
Melee Weapons – d6
- Swords – d12
Performance – d6
- Dancing – d10


Ama is a young woman of 16 with dark gray eyes and long, hip-length hair that alternates between black and various shades of red. When she is at rest her hair is black, but when she uses her powers it becomes more red, rippling out like flames. It’s usually worn loose, but sometimes she puts it in a long braid or ponytail if someone does it for her. Her eyes flicker when near fire, but it is unknown whether this is due to simple reflection or not. She wears an ornate red and gold sleeveless kimono.

She was raised in the ancient temple of the Order of Heavenly Light, after her birth fulfilled a prophecy. Ama was given to the monks to be raised as a chosen one, a warrior able to banish the darkness that wishes to consume the world. She was schooled, fed, and looked after by the monks, the whole time practicing and cultivating her power over fire and light.

Ama was born with no arms. This made her schooling difficult, and she was completely reliant on the help of others for the first half of her life. Eventually she learned to do many tasks with her feet, and she could create arms out of hardened light (though not for very long) and, in the case of combat, fire.

Ama Terasu

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