Strength: d6
Agility: d8
Vitality: d4
Intelligence: d6
Alertness: d8
Willpower: d10


Magical Girl Bundle

Magic Use – d8
Inherent Weapon – d10 Impact Hammer Leg (right)
Enhanced Communication – d2
Enhanced Movement – d8

Idealist – d4
Duty – d12
Memorable – d8


Combat Ready: d10
Unbreakable Will: d6
Two-Handed Fighting: d4
Good-Natured: d2

Anger Issues: d4
Gullible: d6
Overconfident: d8
Nonhealing: d8

Skills: 62

Magic – d6
>Kinetic Magic – d12
Athletics – d6
Melee Weapons – d6
>Mace – d8
Perception – d6
Unarmed Combat – d6
Mechanic – d6
>Mechanical Repairs – d10
Craft – d6
>Sewing – d8
>Metalworking – d8
Heavy Weapons – d4


Macha is a pale-skinned, freckled 16 year old with curly orange hair that falls to her mid-back. She often wears it pulled back, away from her face. She has bright green eyes. She is strong and athletic, and has a more womanly figure than many of her peers.

She is especially noteworthy because her right arm and leg are gone, replaced by mechanical replicates. Her mechanical leg is actually an impact hammer.

She was raised among a group of social pariahs who, rather than focusing their energies on creating poetry, paintings, and music for the glory of the Gods (as was expected), spent their time inventing mechanical devices and machinery. Many of her people possessed minor magical ability, but none nearly so powerful as she. When she was born, her people assumed she was a gift from the Gods, a sign that they had not gone down the wrong path.

Indeed, as Macha grew older she began to wonder why her people were outcasts when she considered their machines just as artful as any sculpture. Macha had an even greater appreciation for their work because she was not allowed to learn it – her people insisted she spend her time honing her magical ability and learning to control it.

When Macha was only 12, she was forced to put her powers to use when the society that had cast her people out came under attack by an invading army. Macha used her magical ability to help defend them, and ultimately saved them from ruination. It was during this battle that Macha lost her arm and leg. Everyone thought she was going to die. The Matriarch of her people organized the entire village to work tirelessly until they had created a new arm and leg, which saved her life.

Macha’s triumph and heroism inspired her peoples to reunite. Though their reintegration was shaky at first, they now live in harmony with one another.


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